Join Professor Amity Doolittle for a talk entitled: WHERE WE LIVE, WORK, AND PLAY

November 16, 2015

WHERE WE LIVE, WORK, AND PLAY: The connection between environmental exploitation and social justice with Professor Amity Doolittle

Monday, November 16, 2015 / 12:10pm to 1pm / SLB 128

By focusing on the places and environments where communities live, work, and play, the environmental justice movement completely reshaped the dialogue about our relationship to the environment and our responsibilities as stewards of the this earth and to each other. Please join YELA, Yale Law Women, and the Lillian Goldman Law Library on Monday, November 16th from 12:10-1:00pm in Room 128 for a talk with Professor Amity Doolittle of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies about the emergence of the environmental justice movement, the connection between environmental exploitation, race, and social justice, the challenges of measuring disparate health outcomes and proving intent, and a discussion on what this all means for the climate justice movement today. Lunch will be served. This event was made possible by the S. Kinnie Smith, Jr. Fund for Law and the Environment.

Sponsored by: Yela,  Yale Law Women, and the Lillian Goldman Law Library

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