Library Tip: Emergency Phones throughout the Library

Red Emergency Phones
November 13, 2017

Dear Students:

Did you know there are Red Emergency Phones located throughout the law library? When picked-up, these phones connect you immediately to the Yale Police Department

You will find these phones on L5, L4, L1, UES, UES Mezzanine and the LES of the library:

·         On L5 and L4 – there are two red emergency phones on each floor. One hangs on the wall of the Grove Street end of the hallway, near the emergency exit; and the other hangs on the wall of the Wall Street end, near the other emergency exit.

·         On L1 – there is one red emergency phone hangs on the left wall at the tunnel entrance, outside the Foreign and International Law Collection offices.

·         On the UES Mezzanine – there is one red emergency phone located on the back wall where the emergency exit is located.

·         On the LES – there are three red emergency phones.  The first is on the front wall near the utility elevator; the second is on the left wall in the central collaborative work space; and the third is on the back wall near the emergency exit.

It is important to know your surroundings including where emergency phones and exits are located. We hope you find this information useful.

Law Library Administration

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