Library Tip: Printers Throughout the Library

December 1, 2014

Dear Students:

You have probably used the printers in the Reading Room and on L2, but did you know there are printers available for your use in other areas of the library?  For example, there is a printer on L4, right behind the elevator shaft.  There is also a printer/copier/scanner in the copy room (305C), next to the Source Cite room, at the north end of the Reading Room.

Some of the least frequently used printers are on lower floors.  If you take the elevator to L1, there will be a printer/copier/scanner to the far right , just before the suite of F&I offices.  (If you cannot locate the printer, just ask one of the librarians).  Proceed through the tunnel and take a left, there is a set of stairs that lead to the Lower East Side, if you walk down the corridor midway, you will find another printer/copier/scanner to your right, near the white board.

For answers to common printing questions:

Consult the Printers, Copiers and Scanners page for updated printer information.

Thank you,

Lillian Goldman Law Library

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