Library Tip: Public Access Computer: Backing Up Your Files

March 25, 2019

Public Access Computers: Backing Up Your Files

Dear Students,

Hidden in plain sight when you log on to one of the public computers in the law library is a pop-up message that you should heed, especially as we begin to approach the end of the semester. 

The pop-up message serves to notify you of a security feature intended to protect both your privacy and identity and the operating systems and configuration files of the school’s computers. When you logout and when restarted, these public computers delete ALL files — including the copy you thought you backed-up on the desktop. Once you logout, shut down or restart, any files you stored on the local hard drive are permanently and irretrievably lost. They’re gone forever. Please DO NOT save your work to the hard drive of the public computers. Instead, save your work to a USB drive, internet or network drives like, or email documents to yourself, etc. Just don’t save your work to the public computers. 
Your Law Library

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