Library Tip: Scan On Demand

January 29, 2018

Dear Students:

Now that the spring semester is underway, remember that the library offers a Scan on Demand service. Particularly during the shopping period, the library is ready and willing to scan course readings for students. We already have some scanned and ready to go.

To request a scan, go to the law library catalog, MORRIS, find the item in the catalog, then click on the button: SCAN AND DELIVER. You’ll be asked to log in, then taken directly to a form on which you’ll the complete page numbers required. If this is confusing, please drop me an email:

Our scanning service is available all year. Further details of the service can be found here: /borrow-direct-interlibrary-loan-and-demand-services. The small print is here: /small-print-borrow-direct-interlibrary-loan-and-demand-services.

Thank you!

Your Law Library

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