Library Tip: Scanners, Printers and Copiers

September 8, 2015

Dear Students:

Did you know we have scanners and printers throughout the Law Library, on virtually every floor, for your convenience? Below is a list of both free and fee-based machines. Information about how to connect to the printers, add funds, and more is here:  


The library has five (5) stand-alone scanners that are free (no charge). The free-usage scanners are located on:

L5 – BookScan scanner behind the elevator shaft

L4 – BookScan scanner at the top of the L4 stairway

L2 – Bookeye near the ITS Help Desk

L1 – BookScan scanner adjacent to the Foreign & International Offices

UES – BookScan scanner near the fish tank


The library has four (4) multi-function machines (photocopiers/printers/scanners) which are fee-based machines. They are located on:

L3 – Main Reading Room, Room 305C, adjacent to the Source Cite Room

L1 – Outside the Foreign & International Law offices

LES – In the collaborative work space in the center of the room


The library has six (6) stand-alone, fee-based printers:

L5 – Behind the elevator shaft

L3 - Main Reading Room adjacent to the Circulation Desk

L2 - In the computer cluster there are three (3) printers, two b/w and one color. Additionally, there is a desktop printer on the table next to the Bookeye Scanner specifically designated for heavy resume paper.

Charges associated with the fee-based stand-alone printers and multi-function machines:

Black & White Printing or Copying - $.10 first side/$.02 second side

Color Printing or Copying - $.25 per page

Scanning – pdf, tiff or jpeg - $.01 per page (see first section, above, for free scanning)


There is a free fax machine for students located on L2, next to the table top printer resume printer.


There are two (2) Lexis printers, maintained by Lexis representatives (not the Library), on L2 in the alcove across from the Foreign and International Law offices. These are free printers. For assistance with the Lexis Printers, please contact the Lexis representative.

Please contact a Librarian or the YLS ITS Helpdesk if you have any questions or problems. We hope you find this information useful.

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