Library Tip: Text and Data Mining Research

October 5, 2020

Text and Data Mining Research

Dear Students,

Generally, the terms of use of library databases do not allow large-scale or systematic downloading of content from a database, regardless of whether the downloading is done manually or through screen scraping or programmatic techniques. The University Library has a helpful guide for navigating permitted uses of databases.

For projects that require custom searching or analysis of large amounts of text, the Law Library and University Library have negotiated, purchased, and can assist in negotiation and purchase of text and data. We also have resources available to assist with these text and data mining (TDM) projects.


Text & Data Mining Collections

The University Library has provided a useful guide for getting started with TDM. This guide includes links for publications, texts, and databases already available for TDM, and a catalog search to find additional text data.

The Law Library also has access to some law-specific resources such as the English Reports from HeinOnline, and BYU’s, which includes a Corpus of US Supreme Court Opinions.

The Caselaw Access Project is the most comprehensive collection of freely available case text. There are limits on how much text can be accessed, however researchers can apply to bulk download entire reporter or jurisdiction data for academic research.


Text & Data Mining Assistance

Any student interested in conducting TDM research should reach out to the Library as early as possible. Locating, and if required, negotiating data purchases and usage takes time. Our Empirical Research Librarian Michelle Hudson is a great resource for beginning TDM projects.

Yale University Library’s Digital Humanities Lab is also a great resource for TDM projects. The DH Lab has workshops, tutorials, and also offers consultations.


General Library Updates

MORRIS, the Law Library catalog will be unavailable due to maintenance from today at 5pm, until tomorrow morning. Please use Quicksearch in the meantime.

Please refer to our Fall 2020 Law Library services page for information about and updates to library services.

Thank you,

Your Law Library

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