Tip of the Week: Subject Headings Search

February 25, 2014

Do you know how to search MORRIS using Subject Headings?  Do you know what a Subject Heading is?  Subject Headings point you to all the books in the library that have been assigned a certain, fixed phrase.  A Subject Heading search almost always produces more relevant results than keyword searching.

In MORRIS, click on the “Subject” radio button and begin your search.  Type a search term, such as “Contracts,” or “Torts” to see it and related subject headings.  Once you have noted useful terms, click on one that seems promising, or just click Start Over at top left and begin another subject search with your term and the jurisdiction, such as “Contracts United States.”  For more information, see our blog post.  And of course you can always seek the assistance of our Reference Librarians.

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