Tip of the Week: Various Printer Units, Scanners, and Copiers for Use in the Library

January 27, 2014

Did you know there are 9 printer units inside the library?  Did you know some of those units are scanners and copiers as well?

Here are their locations:

  • L3  - Across from the Circulation Desk – everyone knows this one!
  • L3 - In the Source Cite room (this unit is also a copier and a scanner)
  • L4 - Behind the elevator shaft
  • L2 - Various printers and scanners, including one for Resumes, a color printer, and a fax machine
  • L1 - Behind the Foreign & International Office (this unit is also a printer and a scanner)
  • UES - Next to the restroom
  • LES - Down the hallway, on your right (this unit is also a printer and a scanner)

Here are instructions:

For more information about the new YLS printing program, go to: https://law.yale.edu/about/ylsprinting.htm

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Lillian Goldman Law Library

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