The Yemen Crisis 2015-20?? Exhibit on L1

April 11, 2019

The Yemen Crisis 2015-20??

The Lillian Goldman Law Library invites you to view an exhibit titled The Yemen Crisis 2015-20??, curated by Dan Wade, the Curator for Foreign and International Law, and Yuksel Serindag, the Metadata Librarian for Rare and Special Collections.

This exhibit, located on L1 in the Foreign and International Law Collection Reading Room, brings to the attention of the viewer a glimpse of what the United Nations calls “the world’s worst humanitarian disaster” in the world’s poorest country. While the world has focused its attention on the civil war in Syria, a tragic war of mayhem has been folding in the South Arabian peninsula. Since the beginning of the war in 2015, Saudi Arabia and the coalition forces have directed over 19,000 air strikes, using mainly British jets and American bombs. Thousands have been killed and it is estimated 20 million, three-fourths of the population, are facing starvation. Currently, a bill curbing the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia has been passed by both Houses of Congress, and is sitting on the President’s desk. It is expected to die there.

The exhibit displays current books on the history and current situation of the Yemen Civil War between Houthi Shiite rebels, and Saudi Arabia and a coalition of nine other states attempting to restore the exiled President. It also includes a brief description of the origins and current status of the conflict, a useful map showing which factions hold what territory and a research tip to help you keep up with breaking news and the latest events. The exhibit will extend through the first week in May.

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