Kuttner collection offprints

The offprints are a collection of about 15,000 articles around medieval canon law studies, about half of which are not available online. However, unlike the manuscript reproductions and books, the Institute stopped adding materials in the mid-1990s. This collection is located on level L1 of the Yale Law Library in the shelving near the Foreign and International Law office and available for use whenever the library is open. The offprints are organized in boxes alphabetically by author, with oversize offprints at the end of the range.

To find a specific article or to search the holdings, click the Off prints/Sonderdrucke link on the Institute’s home page. This will pull up the institute’s database of offprints which can be searched by author, title, or full text. One point to remember is that the database does not translate search terms or results, so Full text/Freitext searches for “women,” “frauen,” and “Femme,” will yield different results.