Collection & Access Services

Julian Aiken's picture Julian Aiken
Assistant Director for Access and Faculty Services
Room 311 (L3)
Phone: 203-432-9616
Benjamin Bernard's picture Benjamin Bernard
Library Services Assistant
Room 306B (L3)
Phone: 203-432-5689
Alison Burke's picture Alison Burke
Library Services Assistant, Team Leader
Room 310G (L3)
Phone: 203-432-1640
Cha Chi Hung's picture Cha Chi Hung
Library Services Assistant
Room 310E (L3)
Phone: 203-432-8024
James Kirkland's picture James Kirkland
Library Services Assistant
Room 310H (L3)
Phone: 203-432-8021
Maryellen Larkin's picture Maryellen Larkin
Faculty Services Assistant
Phone: (203) 432-2122
Antonio Malabag's picture Antonio Malabag
Library Services Assistant
Room 310D (L3)
Phone: 203-436-8082
Fred Shapiro's picture Fred Shapiro
Associate Director for Collections and Access Services and Lecturer in Legal Research
Room 314 (L3)
Phone: 203-432-4840
Eric Sonnenberg's picture Eric Sonnenberg
Archivist for Legal Collections
Phone: +1 (203) 432-7838
Cesar Zapata's picture Cesar Zapata
Collections and Access Coordinator
Room 309 (L3)
Phone: 203-432-7294