Michelle Hudson

Michelle Hudson's picture
Empirical Services and Assessment Librarian
Room 027 (L2)

I can assist you with your research by:

  • Helping you find and use numeric and geospatial data and statistics
  • Assisting with the discovery and use of data-related tools and software
  • Reviewing your study protocol, discussing research questions, and helping with hypothesis formation
  • Consulting on how best to search academic literature in science, social science, and empirical legal research
  • Helping you navigate Yale's human subjects research review (IRB) requirements and procedures

There are many ways to contact me for assistance. I'm happy to start working with you via email and then schedule a time to meet to discuss your project, or happy to schedule a time to meet right away. Just let me know what you prefer, and send a description of your question to michelle.hudson@yale.edu.

To get started on your own, feel free to explore the following guides I've compiled: