Technical Services

Cate Kellett's picture Cate Kellett
Catalog and Government Documents Librarian and Lecturer in Legal Research
Room 013 (L2)
Phone: 203-432-6443
Jonathan Lasky's picture Jonathan Lasky
Catalog Assistant
Room 11-2 (L2)
Phone: 203-432-6441
Sarah Lewis's picture Sarah Lewis
Acquisitions Assistant
Phone: +1 (203) 4321074
Scott Matheson's picture Scott Matheson
Head of Continuations and Systems
Room 015 (L2)
Phone: 203-432-1603
Joanne McCarthy's picture Joanne McCarthy
Technical Services Assistant
Room 11-4 (L2)
Phone: 203-432-4845
Diana Quinones's picture Diana Quinones
Lead Acquisitions Assistant
Room 11-3 (L2)
Phone: 203-432-4571
Yuksel Serindag's picture Yuksel Serindag
Metadata Librarian - Rare and Special Collections
Room 005 (L2)
Phone: 203-432-2512
Dawn Smith's picture Dawn Smith
Associate Director for Technical Services
012 (L2)
Phone: 203-432-7440
Yuka Tetrault's picture Yuka Tetrault
Financial Assistant
Phone: +1 (203) 4328220
Valerie Wellons's picture Valerie Wellons
Acquisitions Assistant
Room 11-08 (L2)
Phone: 203 432-8834