The library currently has 4 multi-function machines, which serve as photocopiers/printers/scanners (these are all fee-based machines) They are located on:

  • L3 – Main Reading Room of the library, in room 305C, adjacent to the Source Cite Room (Grove Street end of library)
  • L1 – Outside the Foreign & International Collection offices
  • UES Mezzanine – At the back wall, right side of the UES Mezzanine
  • LES – Midway down the aisle on the right side

Charges associated with the fee-based photocopiers/printers/scanners are as follows: 

  • Black & White Printing or Copying - $.10 first side/$.02 second side
  • Color Printing or Copying - $.25 per image Scanning – pdf, tiff or jpeg - $.01 per image (does not include free-usage book scan scanners)