Policy on Duplication

For disciplines other than law, the Library relies heavily on other Yale libraries, unless faculty and student interests are strong enough in an area, and our budget sufficient, so that we need to duplicate University Library coverage in the area and can afford to do so. 

The subjects in which such duplication is most likely are the following (see “Nonlegal Subjects” section below for more details):  

  • criminal justice
  • economics
  • history
  • international relations
  • philosophy
  • political science
  • women’s studies  

Duplication of formats will be less feasible if budgets become tighter, but for now we will collect some materials in both electronic and print formats when patron needs or archival considerations require this.  Multiple print copies may be acquired for high-use titles.  See “Monographs and Treatises” and subsequent sections below for policies on multiple copies of Yale Law School faculty-authored books, YLS publications, and casebooks.