Rare Book Room Policies

The Law Library requires that a few guidelines be followed in the Rare Book Room. In general, care is required when handling items. The Rare Book Librarian will assist patrons in setting up requested material, and will provide cradles for books and weights for pages when needed. Following the policy throughout the Library, no food or drink is permitted. Computers and personal electronic devices are allowed, including cameras and photography. Pencils only are permitted, owing to the nature of the material.

The Library is happy to grant permission to patrons to reproduce images from the Rare Book Collection in published works. For reproducing images, we have the following requirements:

1. The image must include a citation to the book from which the image comes. For example, William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England (New York, 1849).

2. The image caption must include the following credit line: “Courtesy Rare Book Collection, Lillian Goldman Law Library, Yale Law School.”

3. The individual or group must provide the Rare Book Collection, Lillian Goldman Law Library, with one free copy of the issue in which the article appears, if it appears in a periodical, or one free copy of the monograph or other publication in which the image appears. An offprint of the article would be greatly appreciated as well.

The Rare Book Collection Development Policy describes the areas of current acquisition for the collection. Please also see the collection descriptions on our homepage.