Online Access to Books

For all books students should begin with the following online sources before requesting a physical book.

1. Is it already available as an ebook to the Yale community?:

a. Search Books+ to locate online books. 

b. Students must be on the Yale network, using VPN, to access most online books.

2. Is it available from HathiTrust?:

a. Search HathiTrust.

b. Follow instructions for using HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access.

3. Do you know the publisher?

If you are logged into VPN you may be able to access e-books directly on the publisher’s sites:

4. Try to ILL it:

Please note: we are only submitting requests for chapters from books which may be available, not entire books. Some other libraries with electronic access may be able to share chapters but we cannot guarantee fulfillment at this time.

a. Get a Table of Contents from Amazon, Google Books, or other source or contact a reference librarian to locate one.

b. Submit an ILL request for desired chapter(s) through the existing Yale form.

5. Contact a Reference Librarian for help:

a. We are available from 9-6 Monday- Thursday and 9-5 Friday.

b. Email a reference librarian.

c. Speak to the Librarian on duty via our virtual reference desk.

d. Reach out to individual Librarians or make an appointment to meet via zoom at a day/time that is convenient for you.

e. Please do not call the reference desk. We are unable to answers phone calls or respond to phone messages at this time.

Updated Date: 
Monday, February 1, 2021