American constitutional law

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Professor Tribe--described by Yale's Professor Akhil Amar in 1999 as "the most eminent constitutional scholar & litigator of our era," --is widely regarded as liberal in outlook, but his treatise is cited as often from the right as from the left. It appears in the text of Chief Justice Rehnquist's majority opinion in the leading modern case on states' rights & the federal commerce power, United States v. Lopez, & in the dissent of Justice Thomas, joined by the Chief Justice & Justices Scalia & O'Connor, in U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton, to name just two recent examples. Now that Professor Tribe has completed the long-awaited & thorough revision of those parts of his treatise that deal with the separation & division of powers & a number of other substantive as well as structural topics, this book is certain to set the gold standard for this field of law. First, the structural matters covered in Volume I, which correspond to the first eight chapters of the treatise in its first & second editions, are in many ways more foundational, need to be understood before the superstructure of individual rights makes much sense, & quite closely match the topics covered in Constitutional Law I in most law school curricula. Volume II, currently being written, is scheduled to be published in 2001.
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American constitutional law