Connecticut Practice Book

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1A §23-22 The petition 1A §23-23 Return of noncomplying petition 1A §23-24 Preliminary consideration of judicial authority 1A §23-25 Waiver of filing fees and costs of service 1A §23-26 Appointment of counsel 1A §23-27 Venue for habeas corpus 1A §23-28 Transfer of habeas corpus 1A §23-29 Dismissal 1A §23-30 The return 1A §23-31 Reply to the return 1A §23-32 Amendments 1A §23-33 Request for a more specific statement 1A §23-34 Summary procedures for habeas corpus petitions 1A §23-35 Schedule for filing pleadings 1A §23-36 The expanded record 1A §23-37 Summary judgment in habeas corpus 1A §23-38 Discovery in habeas corpus 1A §23-39 Depositions in habeas corpus 1A §23-40 Court appearance in habeas corpus 1A §23-41 Motion for leave to withdraw appearance of appointed counsel 1A §23-42 Judicial action on motion for permission to withdraw appearance.Includes Rules of Professional Conduct; online and in print - L3 Reading Room
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Connecticut Practice Book