ADR and Mediation

ADR and the Law

The American Arbitration describes this treatise as its flagship publication. It is published annually, and each edition presents a review of the domestic and international ADR case law and legislation deemed to be the most influential each year, along with expert commentary. Its contents include court decisions, highlights of pending legislation, and new ADR rules and procedures.
American Arbitration Association
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

This treatise reviews the law and concepts central to alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including adjudication, arbitration, negotiation, mediation, settlement agreements, and other related processes.
Stephen J. Ware
Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Nutshell 2013

Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Nutshell

Part of the nutshell series, this treatise provides an overview of alternative dispute resolution options, including coverage of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and hybrid dispute resolution procedures.
Jacqueline M. Nolan-Haley

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Domke on Commercial Arbitration

This treatise covers both domestic and foreign commercial arbitration. It includes references to federal statutes, case law, and arbitration rules, as well as forms, checklists, illustrated examples, procedural outlines, and other practice tips.
Martin Domke

Federal Dispute Resolution: Using ADR with the United States Government

This treatise serves as a guide to using alternative dispute resolution in matters involving the federal government. Written by a senior counsel in the Office of Dispute Resolution at the U.S. Department of Justice, this handbook for practitioners includes information about the benefits of the ADR process, the laws and regulations that govern ADR, instructions on how to determine which disputes are best suited for the various types of ADR available, and guidance on how to prepare for and advocate effectively during ADR. Finally, it examines workplace and contracting disputes due to the prevalence of ADR in such areas, and addresses some special issues such as ADR program design, management, and training.
Jeffrey M. Senger

How Arbitration Works

This classic work in the field of ADR addresses the workings of labor-management arbitration and the full range of questions and problems that confront parties and arbitrators. It also discusses relevant laws and their impact on dispute resolution, collective bargaining, and related issues.
Frank Elkouri & Edna Asper Elkouri

Legal Negotiation in a Nutshell

This guide follows the entire legal negotiation process from opening negotiations through final settlement. It covers the basic types of legal negotiations, case evaluation and preparation, the stages of legal negotiation, and negotiation styles and strategies. In addition, it spends some time discussing the types of legal disputes that should not be negotiated.
Larry L. Teply

Mediation: Law, Policy, Practice

This treatise is designed to be used by judges, legislators, and practicing attorneys involved in mediation. It reviews mediation law, including the identification of relevant cases and statutes in each state, and it analyzes some of the areas where various relevant legal doctrines have not yet been applied to mediation.
Sarah R. Cole, Craig A. McEwen & Nancy H. Rogers

Mediation: Practice, Policy, and Ethics

This treatise provides comprehensive coverage of the mediation field, including law and policy, case examples, practice guidelines, and ethical guidelines and dilemmas. The authors also present critiques of mediation, along with discussions of its promise and potential, and they utilize a practical problem-solving approach that includes both analytical and behavioral approaches in varying gender, race, and cultural contexts.
Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Lela Porter Love & Andrea Kupfer Schneider