Administrative Law

A Guide to Federal Agency Rulemaking

Provides the latest case law, and the most recent legislation affecting Federal agency rulemaking. This manual provides discussion related to how federal rules are made, with an integrated view of the procedural requirements.
Jeffrey S. Lubbers

Administrative Law

This West hornbook covers administrative law topics such as adjudication; rulemaking; due process; the Freedom of Information Act; judicial, executive, and legislative control of agency discretion; the Privacy Act; and the Government in the Sunshine Act.
Alfred C. Aman, Jr., William T. Mayton

Administrative Law

Treatise examining administrative law with a focus on the administrative process and rulemaking.
Jacob A. Stein et al.

Administrative Law and Practice

Provides overview and discussion of working with state and federal agencies including agency rulemaking, adjudication, standards of review, and the Freedom of Information Act.
Charles Koch

Administrative Law and Process in a Nutshell

Reviews general principles and policy considerations of federal, state, and local agency procedures. Chapters include discussion of authority delegation, political controls over agencies, scope of judicial review, acquiring and disclosing information, and informal administrative processes.
Ernest Gellhorn & Robert M. Levin

Administrative Law Treatise

Three-volume annually updated administrative law treatise provides analysis of the latest administrative law developments and trends.
Richard J. Pierce, Jr.

Administrative Law: Bureaucracy in a Democracy

Examines the role of administrative agencies in democracies and how the law attempts to keep daily practices of government agencies accountable. Includes discussions of agency discretion, the requirement of fairness, agency rulemaking, investigations and information collection, and accountability through reviewability, accessibility, and liability.
Daniel Hall

Understanding Administrative Law

Covers such issues as external controls on administrative agencies, the exercise of agency power, agency decision-making, informal agency action and judicial review of agency actions, judicial review and private actions against the government and government officials.
William F. Fox, Jr.