African Americans and the Law

Race and Races: Cases and Resources for a Diverse America

This casebook explores the experiences and legal issues of African Americans, American Indians, Latinos, Asian Americans, before turning to race's relationship with "whiteness," equality, voting, education, freedom of expression, gender, family law, popular culture, and crime.
Juan F. Perea, Richard Delgado, Angela P. Harris, Jean Stefancic, & Stephanie M. Wildman

Race Law and American History 1770-1990

This multi-volume set wriitten by multiple scholars addresses separate historical issues in each volume. Volume I is entitled "African Americans and the Law", Volume 2: "Race and Law Before Emancipation". Other volumes look at the Jim Crow decision, integration, right to vote, civil rights and African Americans and the legal profession from an historical perspective. Written in 1992.

Race Law: Cases, Commentary and Questions

This text covers race classification, racial prejudices of the judiciary, slavery, the northern and southern approaches to free blacks during the era of slavery, reconstruction, segregation, race conscious remedies to racial inequality. The appendix includes copies of legal documents relating to race such as the Fugitive Slave Acts, the Missouri Compromise, and the Black Code of Mississippi along with a historical timeline.
Michael F. Higginbotham

Race, Racism and American Law

Bell's text discusses the definition of race, the history of racism in America, and race's relationship to constitutional law, education, public facilities, interracial relationships, housing, the justice system, voting, protest, and employment.
Derrick Bell