Antitrust and Trade Law

Antitrust Law

The Examples and Explanations edition examines the economics of antitrust, the Sherman Act, price discrimination and the scope of antitrust, in general.
Christopher Sagers

Antitrust Law & Economics in a Nutshell

This study aid provides an introduction to the concepts and principles of antitrust law. In addition to discussions of the common law roots of antitrust law and current statutory authority, this nutshell includes chapters devoted to the relevant economic theories and specific applications of antitrust law, such as in mergers.  A table of cases and statutory appendix are also included. 
Ernest Gellhorn

Antitrust Law: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles & Their Application

Nineteen-volume looseleaf publication which includes in-depth examinations of thousands of cases. Updated with supplements and revisions. Appendices include reprints of selected statutes and antitrust guidelines.
Phillip E. Areeda, Herbert Hovenkamp

Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation.

This ten-volume treatise on antitrust law includes analysis of antitrust violation, discussion of antitrust issues affecting specific industries, citations to cases, regulatory analysis, and analysis of antitrust laws of U.S. states and several foreign countries. Includes a table of cases and index volume. (Updated with looseleaf supplements).
Julian O. Von Kalinowski

Federal Antitrust Policy: The Law of Competition and its Practice.

Nearly all aspects of federal antitrust policy are covered in this Hornbook, and it's written so you don't need a background in economics to understand it. Expert narration states the "black letter" law and presents policy arguments for alternatives. Text also includes and analysis of recent Supreme Court and lower-court decisions. Includes tables of cases and statutes.
Herbert Hovenkamp
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International Trade and U.S. Antitrust Law.

Provides: "Analysis of when U.S. law applies to foreign firms doing business in the U.S. and to U.S. firms abroad. Exploration of the effect of globalization on competition between domestic and foreign markets and discusses current U.S. statutes, regulations, and case laws. Discussion of the regulation of dominant firms, extraterritoriality, antitrust problems in export transactions, transnational litigation issues, international transfer of technology and intellectual property issues, competition and fairly traded imports, and "unfair" international trade practices." It is updated annually.
Jeffrey L. Kessler & Spencer Weber Waller

State Antitrust Practice and Statutes.

 "This three-volume treatise concisely sets forth the substantive civil and criminal antitrust case law, procedure, practice, and statutes for each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands."
Harvey I. Saferstein
Understanding Antitrust & Its Economic Implications

Understanding Antitrust & Its Economic Implications

As its title suggests, this treatise focuses on the economic implications of antitrust law. In addition to chapters that provide introductory information on antitrust policy and economics, the authors explain the legal doctrines and economic theories relating to major antitrust issues such as monopolization and vertical restraints. Includes a table of cases and selected statutes.
E. Thomas Sullivan & Jeffrey L. Harrison