Banking Law

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Bank Holding Company Compliance Manual

This book is designed to assist bank holding companies operating within the regulatory limits of the Bank Holding Company Act and other laws administered by the Federal Reserve Board. Chapters 1-5 contain blank forms and models of completed forms relating to the applications and notice requirements described in those chapters. Chapter 9 sets forth guidelines to assist compliance officers in developing and administering a compliance program. Updated twice a year in Lexis.
Joseph G. Beckford

Banking and Financial Institutions Law in a Nutshell

Providing a basic overview of banking law, this study aid touches on all forms of financial institutions from banks to credit unions to savings and loans.
William Anthony Lovett

Banking Crimes: Fraud, Money Laundering, and Embezzlement.

Bank bribery, bank secrecy, mail and wire fraud, money laundering and the right to financial privacy are just a few of the crimes analyzed in this comprehensive guide to laws governing crimes against banking and financial institutions.
John K. Villa

Banking Law & Regulation

Comprehensive 3-volume treatise which covers issues such as the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act (FIRREA) of 1989 and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Act of 1991. Also contains charts, graphs and chronological regulatory developments following the passage of FIRREA. Updated with supplements twice a year.
Michael P. Malloy
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Banking Law.

This multi-volume set is a comprehensive treatment of banking law. It is designed to enable attorneys and professionals representing or dealing with commercial banks to keep up to date on the frequent and significant changes in the legal requirements governing the business of commercial banking. The discussions and analyses as well as the relevant statutes and regulations contained in its appendices are kept current through periodic updates online.
Ann Graham, et al.

Federal Banking Law Reporter

An eight-volume looseleaf service, with detailed coverage of federal laws and regulations related to banks and thrift institutions. It is supplemented weekly and contains binders with the full text of all banking laws as codified in Title 12 of the U.S. Code and all federal banking regulations.

Financial Product Fundamentals: Law, Business, Compliance

Since this treatise is a basic introduction to the variety of financial instruments available, it discusses the spectrum of financial instruments that raise capital, manage risk, and provide a medium for investments, including mutual funds, closed-end investment companies, unit investment trusts, money market funds, college savings programs, hedge funds, international investment funds, commodity pools, and real estate investment funds. Sample forms are included. Updated with new looseleaf pages. 
Clifford E. Kirsch

Michie on Banks and Banking

With 13 volumes, this set provides encyclopedic coverage of case law focusing on the organization, functions, rights, duties, powers and liabilities of banks and other financial institutions..

Principles of Bank Regulation.

The graphical figures throughout this concise treatise offer a unique view of the regulatory world of banking. The interplay between regulatory agencies and contemporary developments in the regulatory law are emphasized.
Michael P. Malloy

The Law and Practice of International Banking.

This 2010 treatise covers international regulatory matters, merger, reorganization and insolvency of banks, the banker-customer relationship, the bank as service provider, guarantees and security, selected cross-border issues and Islamic Finance.
Charles Proctor