Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor: Examples & Explanations.

This treatise provides an overview of both state debtor/creditor law and federal bankruptcy law with expository text, examples and explanations. Written after the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, so new cases illustrate key points.
Brian A. Blum

Bankruptcy and Related Law in a Nutshell.

This nutshell begins when a debtor-creditor relationship breaks down and coverage begins with state and federal law other than the Bankruptcy Code. The second part of the book addresses federal bankruptcy law.
David G. Epstein

Bankruptcy Law and Practice.

This is a multi-volume practitioner-oriented treatise in its 7th edition containing many practice forms and commentary covering all aspects of bankruptcy law from the bankruptcy court's jurisdiction to involuntary bankruptcy. Updated with supplements and pocket parts.
Daniel Cowans. 7th ed


This West treatise is a three volume hornbook on bankruptcy law focusing on commencement, avoidance powers, liquidation, exempt property and business reorganization. It is written for the practitioner and not updated.
David G. Epstein, Steve H. Nickles & James J. White

Chapter 11 Theory and Practice: A Guide to Reorganization.

This multi-volume treatise focuses solely on Chapter 11 bankruptcies and is the most comprehensive guide to this process. Many chapters in this treatise have appendices which contain numerous checklists and forms, making this a valuable resource for anyone advising clients on the process of reorganizing under Chapter 11. 

Collier on Bankruptcy. 15th ed. rev.

This multi-volume set is considered, "a classic treatise on the law of bankruptcy which has been published continuously by the Matthew Bender Company since the passage of the Bankruptcy Act of 1898." Also included are commercial and consumer forms, a listing of State Exemptions, and Bankruptcy Rules. Updated monthly.

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Ginsberg & Martin on Bankruptcy.

Updated online, practitioner's will find this to be a comprehensive "how-to" treatise for all areas of bankruptcy practice, with complete coverage of the latest case law developments. More than 400 model bankruptcy forms are included.
Robert E. Ginsburg & Robert D. Martin

Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice 3rd

This multi-volume treatise is organized in three parts - Part One is devoted to introductory and historical aspects of bankruptcy law and practice. Part Two analyzes particular sections of the Bankruptcy Code, largely organized by Bankruptcy Code section. Part Three discusses bankruptcy related subjects that may not correlate to a specific Bankruptcy Code section. Vols. 10 & 11 contain a comprehensive collection of bankruptcy pleading and practice forms. A complete legislative history of bankruptcy legislation is also included. Updated quarterly with revised chapters and cumulative supplements.
William L. Norton, Jr.

Understanding Bankruptcy.

This is a basic student text covering the Bankruptcy code and related federal laws. Topics covered include creditor's collection rights, the automatic stay, executory contracts, discharge and liquidation under Chapter 7. Covers the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.
Jeffrey Ferriell & Edward J. Janger