Civil Procedure

An Illustrated Guide to Civil Procedure

This study aid is designed to give students a problem-based introduction to the study of civil procedure. Beginning with a hypothetical case of age discrimination, the book follows the case through the application of procedural rules throughout the life of the case. Additionally, this book features illustrations to explain the process and map out the life of the case. The book features some examples of litigation documents as well.
Michael Allen & Michael Finch

Civil Procedure in a Nutshell

This study aid offers concise explanations of major topics in civil procedure. The seventh edition, published in 2014, offers explanations on jurisdictional issues, pretrial processes and procedure, trial, judgments, appeals, and multi-party/multi-claim proceedings.
Mary Kay Kane

Civil Procedure: Examples and Explanations

This study aid divides topics in civil procedure by chapter. Each chapter includes a brief introduction to the concept and is then followed by a number of examples. Figures and charts of the rules are included. The most recent edition of this title is the Sixth Edition, published in 2008.
Joseph W. Glannon

Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure

This multi-volume treatise contains topical annotations regarding federal procedure. Indexes include table of cases and statutes. This title is no longer updated in print.
Clark A. Nichols, et. al.

Federal Practice and Procedure

This multi-volume treatise offers lengthy annotations for the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. In addition, annotation is offered in additional volumes for other Federal Rules, like the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, for example. Appendixes to the volumes also contain forms relevant to rules. The index offers a number of tables for locating cases, statutes, and rules within the series. Updated regularly.
Charles Alan Wright

Law of Federal Courts

This study aid, from the Hornbook Series, features an overview of the Federal Court system. It is arranged topically by chapter on key issues in federal procedure and practice. Tables of Cases, Statutes, and Court Rules are included for ease of navigation. The most recent edition of this title is the sixth edition, published in 2002. 
Charles Alan Wright & Mary Kay Kane

Learning Civil Procedure

This study aid features an introduction to the study of civil procedure for law students. Chapters cover different basic topics in civil procedure. This aid also includes key terms and definitions at the beginning of each chapter relevant to that chapter's topic. Additionally, at the end of each chapter, it offers hypothetical problems together with explanations of applicable rules.
David Dittifurth

Moore's Federal Practice

This multi-volume treatise provides the text, explanations and annotations for the Federal Rules of Evidence. Annotations include the legislative history and an historical analysis for each rule. Additionally, other Federal Rules such as the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure are offered the same treatment. It provides multiple tables for ease of searching. Updated regularly.
James W. Moore et al.

Nichols Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure Forms

This form book series provides sample forms organized topically. This title is updated regularly by pocket parts and supplements.
Clark Nichols

Principles of Civil Procedure

This study aid is a part of the Concise Hornbooks series and focuses on the core concepts and principles of civil procedure. This book breaks down topics in civil procedure by offering a brief orientation to the issue, then giving a more detailed overview of procedural problems, and then offering conclusions. Chapters focus on introductory considerations, stages of litigation, governing law, authority to adjudicate, former adjudication, complex litigation, and concluding considerations.
Kevin W. Clermont

Understanding Civil Procedure

This study aid on the subject of civil procedure is arranged topically. It includes pre-eminent case law citations for most of the major issues in federal civil procedure. The book also provides a table of statutes and rules to allow the reader to find explanation for jurisdiction specific rules. The 2002 edition is the third published edition of the book.
Gene R. Shreve & Peter Raven-Hansen

Understanding Federal Courts and Jurisdiction

This study aid on the subject of federal courts offers explanations on the structure of the federal court system as well as explanations on process and procedure in federal courts. The book also provides a table of statutes and table of cases for easy reference to associated explanations. This title was published in 1998.
Linda S. Mullenix et al.