Civil Rights Law

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation: The Law of Section 1983

This three volume treatise is arranged topically and covers in-depth actions arising under Section 1983. It additionally provides two useful appendixes: one that provides a checklist for Section 1983 damages and relief actions, and the other that provides revised forms. It includes both a table of cases and an index to assist in finding relevant information. This title is supplemented/updated annually. 

Civil Rights Law and Practice.

This hornbook is a useful introduction to civil rights law and practice. The second edition is the most recent and was published in 2004.
Harold S. Lewis, Jr. & Elizabeth J. Norman

Constitutional Law - Individual Rights

This Examples and Explanations Series book on individual rights, such as the right to bear arms, equal protection and due process, is a quick study guide for those looking to get an understanding of these constitutional rights.
Allen Ides

Constitutional Law, Individual Rights

This study aid covers the Takings and Contracts clauses; the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses; and the Speech, Press, and Religion clauses of the First Amendment. The approach of the authors is to provide a problem-oriented guide through the principle doctrines, emphasizing how one might think about the issues that arise. The most current edition was published in 2007.
Allan Ides and Christopher N. May

Federal Civil Rights Acts.

This two volume set is organized by type of action. Coverage of this title extends to analysis of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. It provides numerous references to primary and secondary sources, including law review articles. It also includes an index and table of cases as finding aids. This title is updated/supplemented periodically. 
Rodney Smolla