Class Actions

Class Actions and Other Multi-Party Litigation in a Nutshell

The most recent edition of this overview was published in 2007, and covers the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, the 2003 amendments to Rule 23, and numerous important court decisions rendered since the last edition. Major topics of class action law and practice, such as commencement of a class action, requirements for class certification, class action discovery, notice to class members, "opt-out" rights, Seventh Amendment and due process issues, class settlements, remedies, appellate review, issue and claim preclusion, and ethical and policy issues are included.
Robert H. Klonoff

Class Actions: The Law of 50 States.

The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 removed many class actions from state to federal district court. The ramifications of this legislation are explored here. It provides guidance on: identifying a potential class action; determining ex parte class certification; conducting pre-certification discovery; selecting a proper class representative; preparing pleadings and pre-certification motion papers; responding to adversary's motions and counterclaims; fulfilling requirements for class certification; delivering timely and proper notice to class members; pursuing the case through discovery and trial, settling the case and winning the court's approval; and satisfying the rigorous guidelines governing fee awards. It is a looseleaf which is updated when necessary.
Thomas A. Dickerson
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McLaughlin on Class Actions.

This treatise synthesizes case law and legislation concerning Federal Rule 23, its state analogs, and the Class Action Fairness Act. It is in its 3rd edition printed in 2006.
Joseph M. McLaughlin

Newberg on Class Actions

This multi-volume treatise is considered a premier work on the law and conduct of class actions. It discusses the theory and fundamental characteristics of the class action, examining benefits, controversies, and judicial remedy. Updated semi-annually.
Alba Conte & Herbert B. Newberg