Commercial Law

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Debtor-Creditor Law.

This is a comprehensive multi-volume treatise, written by prominent experts in the field, offering complete coverage of all aspects of the debtor-creditor relationship, including current case law, practical guidance and numerous forms for the practitioner. In addition to comprehensive coverage of federal consumer credit legislation and the reprint of related statutes and regulations, Debtor-Creditor Law also features chapters covering several Uniform Commercial Code Articles. Updated online only.
Theodore Eisenberg (ed.)

Lawrence's Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code.

This Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) multi-volume treatise provides complete article-by-article analysis and expert commentary on the UCC. It encompasses the complete code text with official comments, and examines cases and statutory developments from all jurisdictions. Updated periodically. 
Lary Lawrence

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Negotiable Instruments Under the Uniform Commercial Code.

This treatise provides in-depth analysis of both the pre-revision and the Revised Versions of Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code, and the case law interpreting this article. Discussions of UCC Article 4, which governs the relationship between payor banks and their customers, and UCC Article 4A, are also included.
Frederick M. Hart and William F. Willier

Payments Law in a Nutshell.

This study guide outlines the law of payments by cash, check and electronic fund transfer. A table of statutes and regulations is included.
Steve H. Nickles & Mary Beth Matthews

Sales and Leases of Goods in a Nutshell

This is a primer on the law of sales and leases under Articles 2 and 2A of the UCC. It focuses on related subjects governed by Articles 5 and 7 of the UCC (letters of credit and documents of title) and introduces the formation of the contract. It also examines the statute of frauds, parol evidence, and modification.
Frederick H. Miller

Uniform commercial code in a nutshell

Uniform Commercial Code in a Nutshell.

This basic study guide covers the process of selling, payment, negotiation, shipping, storage, financing sales, and leasing of goods.
Bradford Stone

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Uniform Commercial Code Series

Organized according to the UCC, numerous authors analyze and provide commentary on each article of the code in this multi-volume looseleaf treatise. Updated monthly.
William D. Hawkland

Williston on Sales

This multi-volume treatise provides comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of sales law and focuses on the sections under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governing sales transactions. Topics addressed include the contract of sale, rules of construction, statute of frauds and warranties. Updated with pocket parts.
Samuel Williston