Communications Law

All About Cable and Broadband.

Loose-leaf for updating. Surveys federal and state laws, court decisions, and FCC regulations affecting cable television systems, cable networks, and cable's competitors, such as DBS. Includes coverage of issues such as cable Internet services; content regulation; horizontal and vertical ownership; franchise transfers; pole attachments for information services; rate regulation; broadcast signal carriage; effective competition; subscriber privacy rights; and theft of service.
James C. Goodale ; updated by Rob Frieden.

Communications Law and Practice

Loose-leaf for updating. Provides an in-depth, practice-oriented overview of federal regulation of telephone, wireless, radio, television, and satellite communications.
Morton I. Hamburg, Stuart N. Brotman

Digital Communications Law

This treatise covers all aspects of the law surrounding digital communications, including taxation, privacy, civil litigation, intellectual property, cross-border commerce and more. This volume covers tweeting, using Facebook and e-mail, to name just a few of the forms of digital communications.
Henry H. Perritt

Digital Media Law

This treatise examines the regulation of telecommunications and the internet. The intellectual property surrounding digital media is examined in detail.
Ashley Packard

Electronic Media Law and Regulation

Gives an overview of the major legal and regulatory issues facing broadcasting, cable, and developing media.
Kenneth C. Creech.

Mass Communications Law in a Nutshell

Provides a brief overview of mass communication law, including the role of the FCC, the First Amendment, defamation, and Internet law.
Harvey L. Zuckman et al.

Modern Communication Law

Three volumes, updated by pocket parts. Provides extensive, scholarly analysis of laws and policies relating to new media, the Internet, Direct Broadcasting Satellite, etc., including the Telecommunications Act of 1996. It also examines the key constitutional, statutory, and administrative provisions governing communications in the United States. Provides extensive citations to judicial and administrative decisions.
Harvey L. Zuckman et al.