Constitutional Law

American Constitutional Law.

Legal treatise providing analysis of constitutional law and policy. Provides references to law review articles, the U.S. Code, and Supreme Court cases. Coverage includes: separation and division of powers; federal judicial, executive and legislative power; congressional authority and the implications of state sovereignty; union-preserving aspects of federalism.
Laurence H. Tribe

Constitutional Analysis in a Nutshell.

Study aid focusing on how the Constitution defines and protects individual liberties. A case outline of constitutional liberty is almost a third of the volume.
Thomas E Baker & Jerre S. Williams.

Constitutional Law in a Nutshell.

The allocation of powers and individual rights and liberties is the emphasis of this study aid on constitutional law which includes case notes throughout.
Jerome A. Barron & C. Thomas Dienes

Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies.

Single volume treatise focusing on the federal judicial, legislative and executive powers. Other topics covered include limits on state regulatory and taxing powers, civil rights, due process, economic liberties and equal protection.
Erwin Chemerinsky

Modern Constitutional Law.

Multi-volume legal treatise providing analysis of modern constitutional law. Issues covered include: religion; the First Amendment; privacy; private property, freedom of enterprise; freedom of contract; equal protection; civil and criminal justice; states and the federal government; federalism; separation of powers; and constitutional litigation. Updated by pocket parts annually.
Chester James Antieau.

Principles of Constitutional Law.

Concise overview of the fundamental principles of constitutional law, designed for law students. Topics covered include the origins of judicial review, federal jurisdiction, commerce clause, due process, equal protection and freedom of speech and religion.
John E. Nowak & Ronald D. Rotunda.

State Constitutional Law in a Nutshell.

The purpose of a state's constitution and the inherent powers of the state are the main topics discussed in this concise study guide. It examines the executive, legislative and judicial branches of a state government and looks at how to amend a state constitution. A model constitution is included in the appendix.
Thomas C. Marks, Jr. & John F. Cooper.

State Constitutional Law: Litigating Individual Rights, Claims, and Defenses

This two volume set is a look at the "independent use and interpretation of State Bills of Rights in civil and criminal litigation," as well as freedom of religion and expression from a state perspective. Search and seizure, rights of the accused, and sentencing and punishment round out the topics covered. Includes an extensive bibliography of state constitutional law. Last updated in 2009.
Jennifer Friesen.

The American State Constitutional Tradition.

This study examines the records of 114 state constitutional conventions, and analyzes how the states revised or rejected several principles of the national constitution.
John J. Dinan.

The Constitution of the United States: Analysis and Interpretation.

Also available from the Government Printing Office. Each article and amendment of the U.S. Constitution is analyzed by the Congressional Research Service, and court decisions impacting each one are included. Unique features include a look at acts of Congress held unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, as well as state constitutional and statutory provisions and municipal ordinances held unconstitutional. Updated every two years.
Congressional Research Service.
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Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure.

Multi-volume legal treatise providing up-to-date analysis of every area of federal constitutional law. Focus is primarily on the Supreme Court. Coverage includes: origins of judicial review; sources of national authority; federal fiscal powers; procedural due process; and equal protection. A detailed index to the Constitution is included in the appendices. Updated annually with pocket parts.
Ronald D. Rotunda & John E. Nowak