Contract Law

A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting

This resource can be looked at as the "Bluebook" for those who write and review contracts. Adams' book includes checklists and samples on everything from language to alternative formats.
Kenneth A. Adams

Calamari and Perillo on Contracts

This treatise is part of the Hornbook series providing an overview of contract law. Topical coverage looks at many topics including offer and acceptance, parol evidence and interpretation, consideration, statutes of frauds, conditions, performance and breach. An extensive table of cases is included
John Calamari & Joseph Perillo.

Contracts in a Nutshell

This study guide serves as a preliminary overview of the principles of the law of Contracts and of Sale of Goods in the U.S. Almost one third of the book covers contract formation, but other topics included are interpretation, defenses, modification and remedies.
Claude Rowher & Anthony Skorcki

Contracts. 3rd ed.

Extensive footnotes to case law and secondary sources are the hallmark of this classic coverage of contract law. Marginal notes make this treatise easy to scan for relevant coverage. Following an introductory section, the three volumes analyze enforceability of promises, scope and effect of promises and enforcement of promises. Volume 3 also includes a Table of Cases, Table of UCC sections, Table of Restatements of the Law and a Table of Authorities.
E. Allan Farnsworth

Contracts: Examples & Explanations

This study guide provides a cursory overview to introduce first year law students to an understanding of contract law. Examples are used extensively to illustrate concepts discussed. Citation of authority is kept to a minimum in this series. A glossary of terms is included at the end of the book.
Brian A. Blum

Corbin on Contracts

Long called the "classic treatise on contract law," Corbin's work has been revised by Joseph Perillo, but the unique Corbin style has been preserved. Containing more than 90 chapters, the major parts of this multi-volume treatise are: formation of contracts, statute of frauds, interpretation, parol evidence, avoidance and reformation, construction and legal operation of contracts, rights of third parties, breach of contracts, judicial remedies, discharge and impossibility, and contracts contrary to public policy. Supplementary volumes published annually.
Arthur L. Corbin
Other Service:

Restatement of the Law Second. Contracts.

Contract law is analyzed by the practitioners, judges and legal scholars of the American Law Institute in this multi-volume treatise which contains black letter restatements, reporter's notes and commentaries. Updated with pocket parts and annual supplements. 
American Law Institute

Williston on Contracts 4th.

This multi-volume treatise provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of all aspects of contract law. Williston discusses the law and the reasoning behind it, especially in judicial decisions, and includes historical underpinnings, majority and minority views, and current trends. An extensive forms collection is included in separate print volumes, as well as online. Updated annually.
Samuel Williston