Corporate Law

Blumberg on Corporate Groups

This treatise provides multi-volume treatment of corporate groups and the legal interrelationships of their component parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies. Many areas of law are covered including health care, bankruptcy, jurisdiction, banking and financial services, to name just a few. Last updated in 2012.
Phillip I. Blumberg

Corporation Forms

This two volume looseleaf treatise includes a collection of forms and clauses needed to document corporate activities from pre-incorporation to dissolution. Each form is preceded by explanations of when, how, and why it should be used, and is accompanied by expert commentary. Print edition last updated in 2009.
Marvin Hyman

Corporation Law

This treatise is part of the West Hornbook series, intended as a basic guide to corporation law for law students. The author uses a conversational style to discuss topics such as formation, financial structure, governance, duties of directors and officers, securities fraud and regulation, and mergers and acquisitions. The appendix offers tips for researching corporation law on Westlaw. A table of cases is included. 
Franklin A. Gevurtz

Corporation Law and Economics

Designed for lawyers and law students, this treatise is more intuitive than theoretical. The author examines the economic implications of financing the corporation, director primacy, duty of care, shareholder voting, insider trading and more
Stephen M. Bainbridge

Corporations : Examples and Explanations

This study guide covers all aspects of corporations from formation to shareholder voting rights to liquidity rights to fundamental corporate changes. This guide is written for the law student.
Alan R. Palmiter

Cox & Hazen on Corporations

This three volume comprehensive treatise analyzes all areas of corporate law on both a judicial and statutory level. The authors based this work on the classic Ballantine on Corporations;and close attention is given to the Model Business Corporation Act throughout the text. They also detail the corporate formation pocess, capital structure, classes of securities, rights and powers of shareholders and many other crititcal corporate governance issues. Library's edition last updated in 2009.
James D. Cox &Thomas Lee Hazen

Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Private Corporations

The classic treatise on corporate law is this authoritative multi-volume resource which provides guidance on all areas.
William Meade Fletcher
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Macey on Corporation Law

This treatise examines the Model Business Corporation Act, the Delaware General Corporation Act and the ALI's Principles of Corporate Governance. All statutory text sections are followed by an area of analysis, comment and statutory comparison, as well as selected references and cases. Updated by supplementary pages at least annually.
Jonathan R. Macey

The Law of Corporations in a Nutshell

This is one of the lengthiest nutshells in print, indicating how complicated the law of corporations can be. Written as a study guide, this treatise touches on modern business forms, preincorporation transactions, shares and shareholders, and closely held, as well as publically held corporations. An extensive glossary is included.
Robert W. Hamilton

Understanding Corporate Law

Written for students, this treatise presents a clear understanding of the basic concepts of corporate law. Everything from formation to financing, corporate governance, fiduciary duty and controlling shareholders are discussed.
Arthur R. Pinto, Douglas M. Branson