Criminal Law and Procedure

Advanced Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell

This book provides an overview of the basic chronology of a typical criminal case, with chapters covering topics such as the decision to prosecute, pretrial detention, preliminary hearing, the grand jury, discovery, location, double jeopardy, the trial, and appeals. A table of cases and a table of rules and statutes are included in this study guide.
Mark E. Cammack & Norman M. Garland

Criminal Constitutional Law

This wide-ranging treatise examines all of the constitutional issues involved in criminal law. Criminal Constitutional Law provides substantive discussion, as well as procedural guidelines on tactics and strategy. The treatise analyzes all important federal and state decisions interpreting Constitutional provisions. Updated online regularly.
David S. Rudenstein, et al

Criminal Law in a Nutshell

The author calls this a "succinct exposition of substantive criminal law." It is broken down into seven parts: punishment, specific crimes, ingredients of a crime, special defenses, proof of facts, inchoate and group criminality, and limitations of the criminal law. Includes a table of cases.
Arnold Loewy

Criminal Law: Examples & Explanations

This study guide introduces readers to a broad range of criminal law doctrines, such as actus reus mens rea, and conspiracy, as well as addressing several specific crimes and defenses. Includes a table of cases and subject index.
Richard G. Singer & John Q. La Fond

Criminal Procedure

This is a seven-volume treatise analyzing every aspect of criminal procedure from pre-arrest investigation through pretrial, trial, post-conviction and on to appellate proceedings.
Wayne LaFave et. al.

Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Limitations in a Nutshell

The authors concentrate on the constitutional aspects of criminal procedure in this overview. Chapters cover the constitutional regulation of police investigations, grand jury investigations, and the right to counsel. A table of cases is included.
Jerold H. Israel & Wayne R. LaFave

Federal Sentencing Law and Practice

Each of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are analyzed in detail in this volume which enhances the understanding of how to apply them. Topics featured include determining the sentence, crime victim's rights, violation of probation and sentencing of organizations. The volume includes a table of cases, a table of laws and rules, and sentencing worksheets in the appendix. Print edition last updated in 2012.
West Publishing

Prosecution and Defense of Sex Crimes

This treatise contains full coverage of legal problems involved in forcible and non-forcible sex crimes, including sexual and physical abuse of children and spouses, and prostitution. The appendices contain many samples, including motions, jury instructions and notice of appeals.
B. Anthony Morosco

Prosecutorial Misconduct: Law Procedure, Forms

This treatise is only available electronically and can be either browsed or searched for specific topics. Considered the definitive treatise on the subject, this book provides a comprehensive and scholarly analysis of every prosecutorial abuse, from the initiation of a criminal investigation through the appeal and post-conviction stages, for both federal and state jurisdictions. Many sample forms are included, such as a state court complaint for malicious prosecution, a memo in support of a motion for attorney's fees, and a form for informal discovery. Updated regularly online. 

Search and Seizure

Written by a practitioner for practicing attorneys, this two-volume treatise offers insight into such issues as the expectation of privacy, probable cause, the exclusionary rule, vehicle searches, and many other pertinent topics.
John Wesley Hall

Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment

This six volume treatise provides extensive analysis of the fourth amendment by the leading scholar on this issue. LaFave interprets the Fourth Amendment in numerous factual situations, including the exclusionary rule, probable cause, search warrants, consent searches, as well as stop and frisk and lesser intrusions.
Wayne R. LaFave

Substantive Criminal Law

This multi-volume treatise focuses on the theoretical, rather than the "how-to." After a general introduction to the subject of criminal law, primary emphasis is given to major crimes against the person and against property. The authors try to reflect on the impact of the Model Penal Code. A table of cases, statutes and secondary authorities are included. Updated annually with pocket parts. 
Wayne R. LaFave & Austin W. Scott

Understanding Criminal Law

This is an easy-to-understand look at the principles, sources and limitations of criminal law. The concepts of "actus reus" and "mens rea" are explained. Other topics discussed include causation, self-defense, defense of property, duress, and insanity. 
Joshua Dressler

Understanding Criminal Procedure

This two-volume set breaks down criminal procedure into two distinct topics: investigation and adjudication. Volume I: Investigation focuses on the Fourth Amendment, arrests, searches and interrogations. Volume II: Adjudication covers the criminal process after the police investigation ends and covers right to counsel, pretrial release and detention, discovery, right to trial by jury, etc. Includes an index and tables of criminal rules, evidence rules, statutes and cases.
Joshua Dressler and Alan C. Michaels

Wharton's Criminal Law

This multi-volume set is the preeminent work on criminal law, providing extensive analysis of all components of this area, from arson to embezzlement to murder to extortion. Both federal and state analysis is provided. The Model Penal Code is discussed in-depth. Updated annually with a cumulative supplement. Print edition last updated in 2011.
Charles E. Torcia

Wharton's Criminal Procedure

This treatise has been a classic and older editions are referred to by practitioners. Print edition last updated in 2002.

White Collar Crime in a Nutshell

Quick overview of topics including conspiracy, corporate criminal liability, securities fraud, bribery, extortion and other white collar crimes.
Ellen S. Podgor and Jerold H. Israel