Disability Law

Americans with Disabilities Act Handbook

Targeted to practitioners, this treatise contains materials helpful to ADA litigation including the full text of the ADA and related EEOC guidelines, forms and checklists for all stages of litigation, as well as legislative history materials for the ADA and the earlier, related Rehabilitation Act. It is updated regularly with a cumulative supplement.
Henry H. Perritt, Jr

Americans with Disabilities: Practice and Compliance Manual

This treatise explains the rights of persons with disabilities in employment, housing, education, transportation, public spaces, and telecommunication systems. It covers the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Civil Rights Act. Forms are included at the end of most chapters.
Thomas R. Trenkner
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Disabilities and the Law

This treatise provides a comprehensive overview of the rights of persons with disabilities in the areas of education, employment, public accommodations and public services, housing, transportation, and health care.
Laura Rothstein & Julia Irzyk

Disability Civil Rights Law and Policy

This hornbook discusses federal, state, and international disability law.
Peter Blanck, et al.

Disability Law Deskbook: the Americans With Disabilities Act in the Workplace

This book, created for the Practicing Law Institute, focuses on the ADA's impact on businesses and employment of persons with disabilities. 
Michael A. Faillace
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Federal Disability Law in a Nutshell

This study aid provides an overview of federal laws relating to persons with a disability. It includes discussion of the ADA, IDEA, the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act Amendments, as well as equal protection.
Bonnie Poitras Tucker & Adam A. Milani

Law of Disability Discrimination

This treatise focuses on the major components of the ADA, with extensive reference to the implementing regulations and accompanying guidance statements. It also covers education, housing, insurance, and the protection of newborns with disabilities.
Ruth Colker
Understanding Disability Law

Understanding Disability Law

This single volume covers the major statutes and constitutional provisions related to disability discrimination in employment, education, public accommodations, housing and more. It analyzes the 14th Amendment, ADA, Rehabilitation Act, IDEA, and the Fair Housing Act.
Mark C. Weber