Education Law

Education Law

Nationally-oriented 7-volume loose-leaf treatise. Covers both federal and state laws affecting public and private educational institutions at all levels.
James A. Rapp (ed.)

Higher Education Law: The Faculty

"[S]ets out the central legal principles governing the activities of faculty and the regular academic affairs of colleges and universities in the US." Booknews.
Steven G. Poskanzer

Practical Education Law for the Twenty-First Century

This single-volume treatise concisely summarizes the law, suggests trends and issues of concern, and provides practical advice for education lawyers, administrators, school board members, and teachers.
Victoria J. Dodd

Public School Law: Teachers' and Students' Rights

Addresses legal principles applicable to practitioners in a comprehensive manner, avoiding the extensive use of legal terms while still providing thorough documentation for further exploration of issues.
Stephen B. Thomas et al.

School Law and the Public Schools: a Practical Guide for Educational Leaders

This text outlines legal issues that affect the organization and administration of schools in the US. It addresses such issues as religion, teacher freedom, discrimination, desegregation, school finance, No Child Left Behind, bullying, the Pledge of Allegiance, the PATRIOT Act, intelligent design, charter schools, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
Nathan L. Essex

Special Education Law

Provides an overview of the major federal statutes - and their judicial interpretations - that apply to the education of children with disabilities.
Laura Rothstein & Scott F. Johnson.

The Law of Higher Education: a Comprehensive Guide to Legal Implications of Administrative Decision Making

This reference is organized into five main parts: Perspectives and Foundations; The College and Its Governing Board and Staff; The College and Its Faculty; The College and Its Students; and The College and the Outside World.
William A. Kaplin & Barbara A. Lee