Energy Law

A Treatise on the Law of Oil and Gas : including Forms, Statutes, and Regulations

In this major revision of the early 20th century Oil and Gas treatise by Thornton, the first major section contains materials dealing with the rights of owners of various types of interests in oil and gas, with emphasis on conveyancing. The second major section is devoted to an exhaustive analysis of the oil and gas lease and the rights and duties which arise from such lease and the various transactions which stem from the lease. The third section ianalyzes governmental regulations and taxation. Throughout the detailed treatment of each subject, Kuntz tries to preserve the function of Thornton as a publication which includes the past and points to the future. Updated with pocket parts in print format while regularly online.
Eugene O. Kuntz
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American Law of Mining

This treatise addresses all facets of mining law, from leases and access rights to taxation and environmental regulation. It is edited by the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation.
Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation
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Energy Law and Transactions

This treatise describes both traditional energy forms such as gas, electricity, oil and coal, and newer ones such as biomass and cogeneration. The basic principles of energy law including establishing rates and tariffs, and the law of public utilities are summarized. Other chapters focus on antitrust, conservation and transportation of energy. Practice and procedure and international chapters round out the subject area. Glossaries, charts, tables, model forms, and other aids are included in the Energy Handbook chapters.
David J. Muchow and William A. Mogel

Energy Law in a Nutshell

The authors of this basic overview of energy law have two goals. "This book serves as a primer for the fundamental legal rules and institutions in the field of energy law." It also serves as an "example of applied administrative law."
Joseph P. Tomain & Richard D. Cudahy

Hemingway Oil and Gas Law and Taxation

This hornbook provides a general overview of oil and gas law, including sections on the taxation of oil and gas interests and transactions. A Table of Cases complements the numerous references to case law throughout the text. 
Richard W. Hemmingway

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Law of independent power : development/cogeneration/utility regulation

This treatise addresses the statutory, administrative, judicial and practical aspects of independent power and cogeneration law, including coverage of engineering, distribution, marketing, financial, and tax issues.
Steven Ferry
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Oil and Gas Law

This treatise is a comprehensive survey of the law surrounding oil and gas transactions. Oil and gas conveyances, lease-express provisions and implied covenants are just a few of the topics covered. Sample forms and an extensive glossary are included online. Updated annually.
Howard R. Williams & Charles Meyers

Oil and Gas Law in a Nutshell

The focus of this study aid is on the law governing the development of privately owned mineral rights. Major sections include the nature and protection of oil and gas rights, conveying oil and gas rights, oil and gas leasing, and tax and business matters.
John S. Lowe

The Law of Oil and Gas : with forms

This multi-volume set is a comprehensive treatise covering all topics related to the law of oil and gas, including owner's rights, drilling, construction of oil and gas leases, remedies of the lessor for nondevelopment, etc.  All state and federal laws and regulations are examined in detail.  An extensive table of cases and forms on leasing, production and transportation are included.  Updated with pocket parts.
W.L. Summers