Environmental Law

Comparative environmental law and regulation / Nicholas A. Robinson

Comparative Environmental Law & Regulation

This looseleaf treatise takes a global approach to its analysis of environmental laws and regulations. It contains reviews for individual countries that cover similar topics, and examine the role of environmental laws on business while offering advice on dealing with regulations and enforcement.
Nicholas A. Robinson

Environmental Law

This well-respected multi-volume treatise covers the following subjects in-depth: Air and Water; Pesticides and Toxic Substances; and Hazardous Wastes and Substances.
William H. Rodgers

Environmental law : examples & explanations

Environmental law : examples & explanations

This updated study guide includes discussions of recent Supreme Court opinions that address environmental law issues, and also covers the other areas of environmental law, each in its own chapter.
Steven Ferrey

Environmental law and policy / by James Salzman, Barton H. Thompson, Jr

Environmental law and policy

This study guide explains major statutes and cases in the area of environmental law, while also giving an overview of the practice area.
James Salzman, Barton H. Thompson, Jr

Environmental Law Handbook

This practitioner-oriented treatise provides a comprehensive and up-to-date review of 14 major environmental, health and safety laws. Each edition reviews all regulatory changes made in the previous two years.
Thomas F.P. Sullivan (ed.)

Environmental Law in a Nutshell

This study guide provides a quick overview of major environmental law concepts, including judicial review of government decisions; federalism and the environment; pollution control; risk management and scientific uncertainty; toxic chemicals, genetically modified organisms; and hazardous wastes; and preservation of natural areas.
Daniel A. Farber

Law of Environmental Protection

This 3-volume treatise provides a review of the laws administered by the EPA and guidance on compliance and procedural requirements.
Seldon M. Novick

State Environmental Law

This single volume work provides detailed explanations of environmental laws impacting state practice, including common law, state regulatory requirements, and federal-state relations.
Daniel P. Selmi

Treatise on Environmental Law

This preeminent, multi-volume treatise has been cited in many environmental law cases. It provides analysis of statutes, regulations and agency and court decisions.
Frank P. Grad

Understanding environmental law

Understanding Environmental Law

This treatise gives an overview of land use law in the U.S., focusing largely on federal environmental law, but also includes some coverage of state law as well.
Philip Weinberg, Kevin A. Reilly