European Union Law

European Constitutional Law

Examines the constitutional aspects European Union law, including the history and evolution of the EU's institutions, the current distribution of executive, legislative, and judicial powers, as well as the rights and remedies available to citizens of the member states.
Robert Schutze

European Union Law

Very comprehensive treatise with chapters on major topics such as legislative process, supremacy of EU law, citizenship, and much more. There is also a useful table detailing the old article numbering with the new article numbering of the Treaty on European Union. This can be helpful when reading older EU case law that references the old article numbering.
Alina Kaczorowska

European Union Law in a Nutshell

This study aid is from the popular nutshell series and offers a concise overview of EU history, institutions, policies, and major areas of law.
Ralph H. Folsom

Mathijsen's Guide to European Union Law: as Amended by the Treaty of Lisbon

Provides a good introduction to the history and development of the EU, from its origins as the European Coal and Steel Community to the accession of Croatia in 2013. Also covers the EU's institutions and policies, its role in international trade, and its relations with other countries and international organizations.
P.S.R.F. Mathijsen

Principles of European Union law

Part of the Concise Hornbook series, this volume covers both the both the history and current institutional structure of the EU, as well as a broad range of substantive law and policies.
Ralph H. Folsom

Smit & Herzog on the Law of the European Union

This online resource provides the full English-language texts of the EU’s two foundational treaties, along with scholarly commentary and summaries of relevant case law interpreting the treaties.
Peter E. Herzog

Steiner & Woods EU Law

This is more of a textbook, but it presents a good overview of the EU and its institutions. Citations to relevant EU cases are also provided.
Josephine Steiner & Lorna Woods

The Foundations of European Community Law: An Introduction to the Constitutional and Administrative Law of the European Community

Describes the institutional structure of the EU and its legal system, the relationship between EU law and the national law of the member states, as well as the judicial and administrative constraints on EU actions. Particularly helpful in providing clear, easy-to-understand explanations of the EU's often opaque terminology.
Trevor C. Hartley

The Law of the European Union and the European Communities

One of the most comprehensive single-volume resources on EU law. Coverage of substantive law extends beyond competition law and the internal market to include agriculture, environmental regulation, energy, public health, consumer protection, and social policy, among others.
P.J.G. Kapteyn et. al.

Understanding EU Law

An accessible, student-friendly resource that incorporates numerous learning aids, including end-of-chapter summaries and questions for self-testing, diagrams and flowcharts, a glossary of terms, and tips on how to approach exam questions.
Karen Davies

Wyatt & Dashwood's European Union Law

First published more than 30 years ago, this guide provides detailed analysis of the EU’s treaties, institutions, decision-making procedures, and mechanisms for judicial review and enforcement. It also includes in-depth discussion of select areas of substantive law, including the internal market, competition law, and intellectual property.
Alan Dashwood