Family Law

Determining Child & Spousal Support

This treatise provides the basic tools for support determination for both children and spouses. It includes a state-by-state table of rules and laws, as well as forms. It is updated annually.
Marian F. Dobbs

Family Law and Practice

This multi-volume treatise is national in scope and practice-oriented, providing guidance for every stage of a family law proceeding from initial client contact through modification and enforcement. Some of the topics covered in this comprehensive, up-to-date work include: strategy, temporary relief, child custody, including the latest cases on joint vs. sole custody, valuation and distribution of property upon dissolution of marriage, child support, spousal support, domestic violence, divorce, support and benefits relevant to military families, Paternity proceedings, Adoption and more. Library's print copy last updated 2008.
Arnold H. Rutkin, ed

Family Law in a Nutshell

This study aid is designed to provide a succinct exposition of family law. This title addresses perspectives in family law, creation of the marriage relationship, spousal rights and obligations, creation of the parent/child relationship, termination of marital status and economic consequences of divorce. The Fifth Edition is the most recent edition of this title, published in 2007.
Harry D. Krause & David D. Meyer

Fundamental Principles of Family Law

This treatise focuses on the potential three stages of spousal and parent-child relationships from the creation, to ongoing relations and termination of the relationship. Guidance for marriage, adoption, divorce, and custody situations is provided.
Lynn D. Wardle & Laurence C. Nolan

Understanding Family Law

This study aid offers students an overview of basic topics and issues in family law. Arranged in outline format, this title provides chapters on the following subjects: marriage and marriage alternatives, property and support rights during marriage, marital contracts and agreements, procreation, adoption, divorce grounds and defenses, spousal and child support on divorce, equitable distribution of property, and child custody and visitation.
John DeWitt Gregory et al.