Health Law and Policy

Essential Readings in Health Policy and Law

This treatise provides a concise introduction to the seminal issues in U.S. health policy and law. Chapters discuss health insurance, Medicaid & Medicare, health care quality and individual rights in health care.
Joel B. Teitelbaum & Sara E. Wilensky

Essentials of Pharmacy Law

This treatise provides an overview of the regulation of drugs, cosmetics and medical devices. This concise text is a compilation and commentary of selected federal laws and regulations pertaining to the general practice of pharmacy in the United States.
Douglas J. Pisano

FDA Regulatory Affairs : A Guide for Prescription Drugs, Medical Devices, and Biologics

The authors provide a roadmap to the multitude and often confusing regulations that govern the constantly changing field of drug law. The book examines the pertinent aspects of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as they apply to human drug and device development, research, manufacturing, and marketing.
Douglas J. Pisano, David Mantus, eds.

Food and Drug Law

This treatise is an introduction to the body of law that govern food, drugs, biological products, medical devices, cosmetics and the health-related aspects of radiation-emitting electronic products. Regulation of these products fall under the FDA, Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the Department of Agriculture and Federal Trade Commission.
Richard M. Cooper (ed.)

Health Care and Antitrust Law

This 5-volume treatise analyzes the antitrust issues affecting health care providers, gives an overview of general antitrust principles, and describes how they apply to different health-care industry segments. Updated regularly.
John J. Miles
Health care law and ethics in a nutshell 3d 2011

Health Care Law and Ethics in a Nutshell

This concise study aid of health care law includes three main parts. Part I focuses on the fundamentals of health care delivery and finance.The legal structure of health care delivery is the topic covered in Part II. The final section discusses the ethical issues in patient care decisions
Mark A. Hall et al.

Health Care Law: A Practical Guide

This guide handles the many legal issues facing all health care providers in today's dynamic health care environment including consent to medical treatment, medical information and confidentiality, facility licensing and accreditation and more. 
Scott Becker

Pharmacy Practice and the Law

The text highlights issues central to current pharmacy practice, including malpractice liability, risk management, and product liability, and includes end-of-chapter case studies. This edition also provides a current and accessible explanation of new federal and state pharmacy regulations that reflect the recent directives of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.
Richard R. Abood

Treatise on Health Care Law

This is a multi-volume definitive treatise that covers the entire spectrum of legal issues affecting health care law practice, serving as a primary reference work and authority. Topics covered include corporate and administrative issues, health care payment systems and HIPAA, relationship of individuals to health care organizations, patients' rights and mental health law. State-by-state charts are included. Updated regularly online. 
Michael G. Macdonald, et al. (eds)