International Environment and Development Treatises

Environment and Statecraft: The Strategy of Environmental Treaty-Making

This broad analysis, of both well known and lesser known environmental treaties, provides insight into what international environmental treaties try to accomplish and why they succeed or fail.
Scott Barrett

Guide to International Environmental Law

A brief overview of international law in general, with an in depth focus on how international environmental law was formed historically, as well as an analysis of newer topics such as environmental protection as a human right.
Alexandre Kiss and Dinah Shelton

Interlinkages and the Effectiveness of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Presents a selected history of environmental law and two brief case studies, one about environmental law and one about sustainable development law.
W. Bradnee Chambers

International Environmental Law in a Nutshell

This study aid is from the popular nutshell series and offers a concise overview of environmental law history, major topics (e.g. vessel-based pollution) and relevant policies.
Lakshman D. Guruswamy with Kevin L. Doran

International Environmental Law: Basic Instruments and References, 1992-1999

This is an update to an excellent combination of the actual text of treaties (and other legal instruments) and a brief historical contextualization commentary on these documents
Edith Brown Weiss, Daniel Barstow Magraw, Paul C. Szasz
International Law & the Environment 2009

International Law & the Environment

A comprehensive treatise covering the background and foundations on international environmental law while including many subtopic chapters on more specific areas, such as nuclear energy, conservation, climate change, toxic substances and many more.
Patricia Birnie, Alan Boyle, Catherine Redgwell
Introduction to International Environmental Law 2014

Introduction to International Environmental Law

This book offers a brief introduction to the topic often with just a few pages on various aspects. It would be good for a quick read on the topic.
Timo Koivurova
Principles of International Environmental Law 2012 3rd

Principles of International Environmental Law

This third edition presents a comprehensive overview of international environmental law. It includes an excellent index, which makes it easy to locate specific discussions of certain major environmental cases and treaties.
Philippe Sands
Research Handbook on International Environmental Law 2010

Research Handbook on International Environmental Law

A collection of essays covering theory and principles with useful chapters on dispute settlement, human rights, and liability.
Malgosia Fitzmaurice, David M. Ong, Panos Merkouris (eds)
Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law 2012

Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law

This collection of essays discusses the background, implementation, key issues, and framework of international environmental law. Also includes sections on major regional environmental regimes, and related areas such as trade, indigenous rights, disasters, and armed conflict.
Shawkat Alam et al.