International Law

Brownlie's principles of public international law 2012

Brownlie's Principles of Public International Law

Now in its 8th edition, this well-regarded distillation of public international law begins with the sources of international legal authority outlined in Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice. It goes on to address the recognition of states, sovereignty, state responsibility, the protection of individuals and groups, and the common heritage of the sea and the environment.
Ian Brownlie

How Nations Behave: Law and Foreign Policy

This classic work examines international law as a subject that is distinct from international relations, yet one that inevitably operates within a larger political context.
Louis Henkin

International Law 2008

International Law

A comprehensive and authoritative examination of the development, sources, substance, and practice of international law. Includes chronological tables of cases and treaties cited as well as a helpful list of abbreviations and acronyms.
Malcolm N. Shaw

International Law as Law of the United States

This book explores the uniquely American perspectives and constitutional issues that arise out of the interplay between international law and domestic law.
Jordan J. Paust
Justice among nations : a history of international law 2014

Justice Among Nations : A History of International Law

This comprehensive historical work describes how international law has been formulated, debated, contested, and put into practice from ancient times to the present.
Stephen C. Neff
Modern Treaty Law and Practice 2013

Modern Treaty Law and Practice

The author, a 35-year veteran of the British Foreign Office, explains how practical issues of treaty interpretation are dealt with on a daily basis. In addition to extensive commentary on the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, the book covers memoranda of understanding, and the effects of changed circumstances.
Anthony Aust

National Treaty Law and Practice 2005

National Treaty Law and Practice

This in-depth survey takes a comparative approach, analyzing how 19 states organize their treaty-making through national law and practice. Jurisdictions covered include Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others.
Duncan B. Hollis, Merritt R. Blakeslee & L. Benjamin Ederington (eds.)

Oppenheim's International Law

First published in two volumes (on Peace and on War & Neutrality) more than a century ago, this is one of the most important and influential English-language treatises on International Law. The 9th edition is an updated and revised version of the first volume on Peace. Second and third volumes are planned. For Prof. Oppenheim's original two-volume format, consult the 7th edition.
Jennings, R. Y. and Arthur Watts, eds.
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Principles of International Law 2012

Principles of International Law

This introductory resource provides a concise overview of public international law, briefly describing its history and sources, as well as the institutions that create, interpret, and enforce the law, with special attention given to the International Court of Justice. It also covers major treaties, the customs that govern them, and procedures for resolving international disputes.
John Balouziyeh

Public international law in a nutshell 2013 5th ed

Public International Law in a Nutshell

Part of the popular Nutshell series, this concise introduction to public international law is accessible yet authoritative.
Thomas Buergenthal

Restatement of the Law (Third) The Foreign Relations Law of the United States.

A comprehensive and authoritative summary of the American approach to international law and diplomacy and the role of international law in American jurisprudence.
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The Oxford guide to treaties 2012

The Oxford Guide to Treaties

This guide sheds light on the rules and practices surrounding the making, interpretation, and operation of treaties and offers practical insights into how treaties actually work. Scholarly treatments are complimented by a set of model treaty clauses. Examples illustrate the approaches treaty-makers can take on topics such as entry into force, languages, reservations, and amendments.
Duncan B. Hollis (ed.)
The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties 2011

The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties: A Commentary

An excellent resources for understanding both the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties Between States and the 1986 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties Between States and International Organizations or Between International Organizations. This two-volume set includes the full text of each treaty, article-by-article commentary and interpretation, as well as the travaux preparatoires (preparatory works).
Olivier Corten & Pierre Klein eds