International Trade

A to Z of International Trade

More then just a dictionary of international law trade terms, there are nine focus sections (e.g. liner vessel shipping and vessel chartering) and key words with their French, German, Spanish and Italian translations, as well as an extensive bibliography useful for further research. 
Frank Reynolds

Global Competition: Law, Markets, and Globalization

In this treatise, competition law on the global level and its often complex and little-understood dynamics are revealed. It focuses on the interactions between national and international legal regimes that are central to these dynamics and a key to understanding them. The book looks at competition law in various regions and discusses broad aims of global competition law.
David J. Gerber

International Trade and Economic Relations in a Nutshell

This study aid is from the popular nutshell series and offers a concise overview of international trade law history including major topics (e.g. WTO/GATT/IMF) and relevant policies.
Ralph H. Folsom and Michael Wallace Gordon and John A. Spanogle

International Trade Law. 5th ed.

This book directs readers to relevant further reading and online resources throughout, offering students an accessible resource to this often challenging area of the law. It also offers a summary of the complexities of international sale transactions through analysis of case law, legislation, and international conventions and rules.
Indira Carr

Parallel State and Arbitral Procedures in International Arbitration

This dossier on International Trade Law examines the unique challenges presented in parallel state and international arbitration on applying classic legal issues such as consolidation of procedures, res judicata, etc.
Bernardo M. Cremades and Julian D.M. Lew

The Law of International Trade

This guide to U.K. trade law, with commentary on seminal cases, and international trade law also contains changes in E.U. trade law.
Bernardette Griffin and D.M. Day

The Oxford Handbook of International Trade Law

By placing international trade law within the larger context of its role between States and among other aspects of the international legal system, this book attempts to answer a number of questions about how trade as been set up internationally. It offers criticism and commentary from leading scholars on GATT, ATO, TRIPS, and other international trade programs.
Daniel Bethlehem et al., eds.

The Regulation of International Trade. 4th ed.

Drawing on a wide variety of classic and contemporary sources, the authors provide critical analysis of the institutions and agreements that have shaped international trade rules. In light of growing debate over globalization, special sections have been added that examine topics such as agriculture services and trade-related intellectual property rights, among many others.
Michael Trebilcock et al.

Theories and Practices of Compliance With WTO Law

This treatise takes a critical look at some of the failings of the WTO, particularly in regards to its political and judicial processes, and offers recommendations to remedy the issues facing the WTO. Those interested in policy-making and practitioners of international trade will find this to be an enlightening text.
Yenkong Ngangjoh Hodu