Internet Law

Internet and Online Law

This online treatise examines intellectual property concerns of the Internet, including trademark, copyright and internet patents. Contracting in the electronic environment, defamation, factual misstatements, privacy issues and obscenity are also discussed. Finally, regulation of eCommerce is also covered looking at both federal and state regulation
Kent D. Stuckey

Internet Law in a Nutshell

Covers the history of the Internet through the rapidly evolving Web 3.0, competing theories of Internet governance, cyber jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments, choice and conflicts of law, cybertorts, online contracting and licensing, the protection of online intellectual property assets, the protection of online privacy, criminal liability for Internet activity, and European Community directives such as the E-Commerce Directive, Brussels Regulation, and Rome I Regulation.
Michael L. Rustad

Law of Computer Technology

This work contains discussions of emerging issues, current law and legal guidance regarding computer technology issues, including intellectual property, commercial transactions, computer crime, information privacy and disclosure, computer error and use liability, and electronic publishing.
Raymond T. Nimmer

Law of the Internet

The treatise covers topics such as applying privacy laws to electronic communications issues, ensuring secure electronic transactions, cryptography, and digital signatures, protecting intellectual property online through link licenses and jurisdiction in cyberspace, as well as others.
George B. Delta & Jeffrey H. Matsuura