Juvenile Law

Children and the Law in a Nutshell

This study aid includes chapters devoted to the meaning of parent, abuse and neglect, the foster care system, adoption, medical decision-making, support and other financial responsibilities, protective legislation, and delinquency. Representation of children is also covered throughout the book. Several relevant international law issues, including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, international child labor, and U.S. tobacco exports to children overseas are included.
Sarah H. Ramsey & Douglas Abrams

Juvenile Justice Administration in a Nutshell

This nutshell explores the differences between the criminal justice system and the juvenile justice system. Topics covered include the delinquency and status offense jurisdiction of the juvenile court, case screening, pretrial detention of juveniles, why states try youths in criminal court and juveniles' procedural rights. 
Barry C. Feld

Juvenile Law

This treatise addresses the conflicting issues that surround juvenile affairs. Students and professionals alike will find guidance in this resource for dealing with juvenile issues. 
Toni Marsh

Legal Rights of Children

This multi-volume looseleaf treatise explains issues important to children: child custody, discrimination against children and adolescents, child pornography, school district issues, rights of handicapped children, parental torts, and children as witnesses. A table of laws and rules, as well as a table of cases is included. It is updated annually by pocket parts. 
Donald T. Kramer

Rights of Juveniles: The Juvenile Justice System

This treatise provides an in-depth examination of the intricate procedures of the juvenile justice process, discussing current practices and their constitutionality. It surveys state and federal cases, analyzes statutory and decisional law, as well as recent developments. A 50-state survey of juvenile laws is featured. Updated regularly. 
Samuel Davis

Understanding Juvenile Law

This study aid provides an overview of the legal status of minors. It looks at defining the rights, privileges and duties of adolescents.
Martin R. Gardner