Land Use Law

American Land Planning Law

This multi-volume treatise covers public regulation of land use. The most recent edition also gives increased coverage to the increasing importance of the federal government, particularly the federal judiciary in the field. The print version is updated periodically with cumulative pocket parts.
Norman Williams Jr. & John Taylor

American Law of Zoning

This multi-volume treatise covers all aspects of zoning law. It also includes some particularly ulseful introductory chapters such as "Players in the Land Use Game" and a research guide "Land Use Resources on the Internet." (This book was formerly referred to as Anderson's American Law of Zoning.)
Patricia E. Salkin

Land Use in a Nutshell

This study aid outlines major topics in the study of land use and planning. It offers explanations on the historical development of land use law and also devotes a chapter to discussing critical contemporary land use issues. Chapters also include discussions of zoning, Fifth Amendment limits on land use regulations, housing and urban redevelopment, local environmental law as a land use issue, and historical and cultural interest protection.
John R. Nolon and Patricia E. Salkin

Land Use Law

This selective treatise is designed to review case law, statutes, as well as planning practice in Land Use. It is organized in outline format and includes an index of topics and table of cases. The book is supplemented and updated on Lexis with additional case citations and notes.
Daniel R. Mandelker

Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law

This study aid provides an overview of major topics in land use planning and development regulation. In addition, the online practioner version of this hornbook offers additional annotations and citations of authority, updated regularly. Some topics covered include zoning basics and process; subdivision and planned unit development control law; growth management and smart growth; constitutional limits on land use controls; aesthetic regulation and historic preservation; regulation and protection of environmentally sensitive lands; agricultural land protection and preservations; and eminent domain.
Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer & Thomas E. Roberts

Rathkopf’s The Law of Zoning and Planning

This five volume treatise extensively covers zoning law. It aims to be comprehensive in it explanations. Its finding aids include a table of laws and rules, table of cases, and index.
Edward H. Zieglar, Jr

Understanding the Law of Zoning and Land Use Controls

This study aid is designed to aid both first year students who are introduced to the concepts of land use planning and zoning in their first year property course, and also for upper-level students engaged in more detailed coursework on land use planning and zoning. This study aid covers police power, takings, and zoning; zoning forms of action, economic discrimination and zoning; wetlands and beaches; and other issues such as the First Amendment and zoning.
Barlow Burke

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Zoning and Land Use Controls

This multi-volume treatise covers government regulation of the use and development of land. It devotes a large focus on local controls of land, but also discusses state and federal controls. It also incorporates primary materials and practical issues and includes a full set of the Model Planning Statutes. 
Patrick J. Rohan & Eric Damian Kelly