Maritime and Admiralty Law

Admiralty and Maritime Law

This is a three volume ready reference to the special procedures, rules, jurisdiction questions and remedies of American admiralty and maritime law. Updated annually with pocket parts.
Thomas J. Schoenbaum

Admiralty in a Nutshell

This nutshell offers a concise overview of admiralty law.
Frank Maraist &Thomas C. Galligan, Jr

Benedict on Admiralty

This is the authorative multi-volume looseleaf treatise on admiralty and maritime law. All aspects of maritime law are discussed - from carriage of goods by sea to admiralty rules to cruise ships - and leading cases are analyzed throughout. The set includes practice and procedure forms, as well as marine insurance forms.
Erastus Cornelius Benedict, revised by Elijah E. Jhirad and Alexander Sann

The Law of Admiralty

Although Gilmore and Black has not been updated since 1975, it is still one of the leading treatises on the subject of maritime law.
Grant Gilmore & Charles Black

The Law of Seamen

This online treatise provides coverage of maritime law governing rights and obligations of merchant seamen. It includes statutes, rules, and case law and covers topics such as jurisdiction, definitions, duties of American consults, relation of foreign counsels to seamen, maritime administrative law, shipping articles, log books, desertion, crew salvage and more.
Martin J. Norris