Municipal Law

Local Government Law

This title is part of the West Hornbook Series, and is intended as an introductory text for law students. Therefore, treatment of the subject is broad but not as in-depth as that of the multi-volume treatises. Includes an index and a table of cases. Supplemented with pocket parts.
Osborne M. Reynolds, Jr.

Antieau on Local Government Law

The print version is a six-volume encyclopedic work in looseleaf format. First published in 1955, it offers a comprehensive analysis of local government law and is supplemented three times a year. Lexis carries an up-to-date full-text version where users can browse or search the table of contents, or conduct a full-text search.
Sandra M. Stevenson

Local Government Law

John C. Martinez, Dallas Sands and Michael E. Libonati

Local Government Law in a Nutshell

This study aid offers a general introduction to the sources and types of power exercised by municipalities, and challenges to that power. In addition, the authors have included substantial sections on police power, regulation of private land use, acquisition and use of property by municipalities, and revenue sources.  There is no supplementation in between editions.
David J. McCarthy, Jr. & Laurie Reynolds

McQuillin's Law of Municipal Corporations

This is a 20-volume jurisdiction-based treatise, published since 1904. Covering all aspects of municipal corporations law, McQuillin’s is considered the definitive work in the area. The library no longer updates the print version, however, the current full-text version (with the most recent updates) is available on Westlaw.